•  Reconfigure Your Own Device

    So you want to move from one digital telephone provider to another, but you don't want to buy new hardware since you already have what you need.  Well, in some cases your current provider may have "locked" your hardware to only work with their service.  If this is the case, you may still be able to use it with another provider if you can find a way to unlock your device.  Unlocking a device is beyond the scope of this site since there are so many different models that may or may not be able to be unlocked and there are just too many to list.  In this instance, we recommend searching Google for your device's model number along with the word "unlock" and see if it helps.

    For those who don't have locked hardware, we have provided some settings that, once set, should allow you to connect your device with your provider.  These settings are the bare minimum and should let you make and receive calls, but there are usually more specific changes you will want to make.  You will want to call your new provider for these specific settings.

  •  Grandstream HT-502/503 & 286/486 & 3000

    Primary SIP Server [Provider's Main SIP Server]
    Failover SIP Server [Providers Backup SIP Server]
    SIP User ID [Your SIP User ID]
    Authenticate Password [Your SIP Password]
    Name [Your SIP User ID]
    Unregister On Reboot Yes
    SIP Registration Yes
    Preferred DTMF method SIP INFO, RFC2833, In-audio
    Enable Call Features No
    Dial Plan {*xx|*xxx|[3469]11|[2-9]xxxxxx|1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxx.|011xxxxxxxxxx|000x.|x.}
    Preferred Vocoder G729, PCMU, G729, G729, G729, G729, G729, G729
    Fax mode Passthrough
  • Linksys RTP300 & SPA2102 & PAP2

    SIP Port 5060
    Proxy [Provider's Main SIP Server]
    Display Name [Your SIP User ID]
    Password [Your SIP Password]
    User ID [Your SIP User ID]
    Preferred Codec G729a